Goldilocks and the Three Bears

 Everyone knows the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, don't they? Well if not then you can help us tell the story...

You will become the forest as Goldilocks walks through the audience singing and dancing (she may even stop to say hello.)

As she finds her way through the forest to a strange house,nobody is home but there are three bowls of porridge. Show us how you can make a big bowl, medium bowl and small bowl just using yourselves to create the object.

Join in as much as you like with the Gurgle Gurgle Rumble song...and we may even need volunteers for more interaction during the show.

Our twist on this classic tale is a 45 minute, musical adaptation of the traditional story.

Jack and Jill's Rhyme Time

Funny old Jack and Jill keep getting into mischief, confusing regular nursery rhyme folk with their nonsense rhymes. They have an important mission to warn the folk in the Fairytale Forest about the steep hill that Jack keeps falling down; but with Jack being so silly all the time, will they ever find the Forest? 

Meet The Three Little pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and a fed up Humpty Dumpty on this whirlwind Nursery rhyme adventure.

With the inclusion of rhythms, rhyming, puppets and professionally composed and recorded music, the storytelling workshop and interactive performance are fun and educational.

Join in with the rhymes you already know and be prepared to learn some funny new ones!