We are a Children's theatre company that seek to inspire, educate and entertain through our imaginative interactive performances. We have a great love for literature, and focus on storytelling by adapting classic tales as well as producing new writing for Key Stage one and Early Years.

You will often find us in Stanley park surrounded by books, fairy wings and pop-up tents.

Imaginative play is at the heart of what we do and all performances and workshops aim to encourage both reading and learning through play. 

The plays we create for Early Years and Key stage one are interactive and we encourage the audience to get involved in helping us tell the story. Learning should be fun, inclusive and engaging.

We are currently taking school bookings for our exciting performances of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', and 'Jack and Jill's Rhyme Time'.

Contact us by Phone: 0151 5386149 

Email:             Twitter: @BookwormPlayers

The Early Years Foundation Stage emphasises in its early learning goals the importance of young children “understanding and enjoying stories, books and rhymes” and “listening with enjoyment and responding to stories, songs and other music, rhymes and poems and making up their own stories, rhymes and poems”.[1]

In order to facilitate the appropriate learning conditions for reading acquisition and learning in the early years, schools and settings should recognise the importance of play in children’s learning, and in their capacity to imagine, explore and experiment. They should ensure that there is equal access for every child and active challenge to discrimination and stereotyping; place emphasis on personal, social and emotional development and recognise the importance of developing self-confidence, self-esteem and independent thinking.